LEC Remote Site Communications

LEC provides industrial automation and control engineering, and industrial IIoT enablement and cloud platform services of the highest quality. Every day, we demonstrate an unending commitment to our clients, strategic partners and communities.  Automation is a crucial element of the manufacturing and production process. The efficiency of any process is dependent on successful system integration. LEC supplies the competitive advantage to industry, turning challenging circumstances into revenue-generating results. We provide the cutting-edge production and process management automation tools needed to face competitors head-on. LEC produces tangible benefits – cost reduction, higher-quality manufacturing, process efficiency increases, greater employee safety and productivity improvement.

Access to our professionals is not restricted to “traditional” business hours and workdays. Our highly experienced emergency support teams are available any time – day or night. By incorporating remote access features into your control system, our teams are enabled to diagnose issues, and in many cases remedy them from virtually anywhere.

Additionally, we offer our clients the option of attending customized training sessions, either on-site or in a hands-on classroom environment.


Some of our most popular LEC Remote Site Communications products include:

  • Cloud Gate
  • Industrial Cellular Services

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