Soft PLC Remote Site Communications

SoftPLC Gateways provide comprehensive protocol conversion and industrial data management:

Low cost, powerful A-B gateways

  • Bridge communication between multiple protocols (serial, Ethernet, fieldbus, proprietary networks)
  • Data logging (local, remote, multi-formats)
  • Email/Text Messaging (alarm notification, reporting)
  • User Logic for Data/Math/Communication functions (manage data, troubleshooting)
  • Web Server (browser-based monitoring/control)
  • Virtual HMI (operator interface, alarming/trending, etc.)
  • FTP/SSH/NTP/Firewall services

With virtually no limit on the number of data registers and support for up to 16 protocols simultaneously, SoftPLC Gateways are the most flexible and powerful protocol converters on the market.

Some of our most popular SoftPLC Remote Site Communications products include:

  • SoftPLC Gateway

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