JSmart Series
JSmart is the ideal product for field installation in critical areas. High-resolution displays with multitouch PCAP touchscreen with a robust glass front; touchscreen/display bonding for fidget optical performance.  Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for maximum simplicity of connection using standard CAT5 wiring. Full IP protection with the use of dedicated connectors for the maximum flexibility of installation, from mounting arm to a simple M22 hole. These products includes a full set of environment and motion sensors to make this device a true IIoT edge device for Industry 4.0 applications.

The eX Field product family has been optimized for use as an embedded browser or as a JMobile HMI device.

eSMART Series
The eSMART series of products combine the power of JMobile – the software inside X Platform with an outstandingly robust design.  When EXOR first introduced to the market the eSMART series in 2015, it was always our intention to rethink the budget HMI sector.  With the progress of material engineering and design, we saw no reason why the budget HMI sector had to be offered with such poor levels of technology and particularly aesthetics.  Our belief and the continued engineering investment has now been recognized by the most severe certification organizations in the world.   There is now no low cost HMI series in the world that can offer the range of features and certificates, opening dramatically the range of possible applications and industry verticals.

The eTOP Series 500 combine state-of-the-art features and top performance with an outstanding design. The eTOP Series 500 come with a choice of certifications and approvals that make them the solution of choice for all requirements.  The eTOP500 Glass with a class leading performance rating it has become the choice for extreme conditions. What sets the model apart is the combination of the rugged design with the use of JMobile software which renders the operation of the HMI extremely easy: an important point when the surroundings are difficult.  Where tough legislation requires that handling, preparation, processing and packaging of food is done to be extremely hygienic, the outstanding 7” Food and Beverage HMI from Exor is the best choice for manufacturer and final consumer.  No other company offers such specialized solutions to the everyday problems faced in the Food and beverage industry and in particular the meat processing sector.

eTOP 300 Series
The eTOP Series 300 Series combines great features with an outstanding design.  It is full compatible with Legacy products and UniOP Designer 6 software.

The Handheld device range from EXOR is a true HMI in your hand: powerful and easy to program to your needs, they remain the perfect choice for safe mobile requirements. A specialized section of the market where strict attention must be given to the rigourous safety laws that govern the use of handheld devices.


EXOR HMI Products

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  • eTOP 500 Series
  • eTOP 300 Series
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