Over the years, we have created automated control solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. Browse the portfolio below to learn more about our projects, products and capabilities.

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Monitoring System for a chain manufacturer

Designed and built an automation solution to monitor chain wear. Data collected can be viewed locally or remotely for the customer to determine chain integrity.

Component Test Machine

Programmed the HMI and PLC controller code for a component test machine. The machine tests several states of the parts being tested and saves the data for later analysis.

Heat Treating System

Partnered with one of our vendors to create a heat treat system complete with HMIs, RTU controller and a database storage solution for all parameters and test points needed for our customer’s reporting needs.

Painting Line Automation

Programmed the PLCs and HMIs and motion control for an automated paint line coating manufacturer. Managed each station from painting, heat treat and material handling throughout the process.

Testimonial by Mark Stedman, Engineering Manager

Rock Interface responded to a call to troubleshoot a machine on a plant floor. We traveled to the site and began the troubleshooting process. We found a dead short on the DC side of the circuit and began eliminating possible causes. Eventually, we singled out the bridge rectifier; the AC side of it was operational, but the DC side was shorted. We replaced the rectifier and the control fuse. Once powered back up, the customer found no further issues, allowing the production to continue before the end of the shift in a timely manner.

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