EXOR Remote Site Communications

Connectivity Management

JMCloud is a VPN-based solution that allows to remotely access HMI and network devices connected to JMCloud Server through an internet connection.

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is the connectivity management platform that puts you in control of your IIoT business, which leads seamlessly from JMCloud.This IIoT-ready, secure, and user-friendly platform dramatically reduces the excess costs involved with installation and maintenance as well as preparing you for the new IIoT business models of tomorrow.

Corvina Cloud 2.0 is built for Industry with all the particular requirements for this sector. Born from Operation Technology speaking the language of the industrial sector. It is the standard for Industrial Cloud Connectivity and is the second phase in the Corvina Cloud 2.0 development.


Some of our most popular Secomea Remote Site Communications products include:

  • JMCloud
  • Corvina Cloud 1.0
  • Corvina Cloud 2.0

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