Soft PLC – PLC and RTU

A SoftPLC® is a high-performance, feature-rich Programmable Automation Controller (PAC), that merges the functions of a proprietary PLC with the benefits of an open architecture design and the power of computers. SoftPLC’s combine the functions of:

  • PLC’s
  • Data Loggers
  • Communications Gateways
  • Embedded Computers

All SoftPLC PAC’s (Programmable Automation Controllers) include the same powerful set of features and functions and use the same TOPDOC NexGen software for programming & maintenance. The differences between models are mainly in the hardware form factor, number & mix of communication ports and I/O interfaces, and processor speed. Regardless of your application or range of applications, SoftPLC models are available to meet your needs, while keeping your costs low by minimizing software requirements, training, and inventory costs.

Some of our most popular SoftPLC PLC & RTU products include:

  • Smart SoftPLC
  • NeoPAC SoftPLC
  • Micro Soft PLCs
  • SoftPLC Hardbooks
  • SoftPLC RTUs

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