EXOR eXware


The eXware represents a prudent first step into the implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 compatibility. Acting as the central element in IIoT landscape the eXware can communicate between automation devices, cloud, fog and applications.

This central role offers companies the chance to start at a uncomplicated level in IIoT and yet allows enormous future expansion into more complex aspects of Industry 4.0 as the workforce gains knowledge of this form of digital thread process and control.

For maximum security the physical separation of the OT and IT networks with two ethernet ports has been provided and this avoids simultaneous attacks.

Secure HTTPS/TLS encrypted data transmissions with signed and packet transfer ensures against data theft and eavesdropping.

Seamless integration is achieved with the vast library of protocols that is common with JMobile software. Existing installations are easily employed and upgraded when necessary and very little programming skill is needed given the brilliant User Interface of JMobile.

Through use as a gateway, a powerful HMI, a PLC with CODESYS V3 or a secure router, the eXware facilitates data intensive and complex IIoT applications to be enabled.

Some of our most popular EXOR Industrial Networking products include:

  • eXware