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Maple Systems offers three versatile Human Machine Interface (HMI) lines to meet your control and budget needs: Basic, Advanced, and Smart HMIs.

Basic HMI Series

The Basic HMI series is a great solution for organizations focused on cost-driven and OEM-related projects. It provides standard HMI features and solid performance at the lowest price.

Advanced HMI Series

The Advanced HMI series offers one of the best values in the HMI market. It provides enhanced data handling features, trusted performance, affordable pricing, and unparalleled support.

Smart HMI Series

The Smart HMI series of innovative solutions allow for easy monitoring of your industrial environment. These smart factory and connected devices support many IIoT protocols including MQTT, OPC UA, and MySQL.

All Maple HMIs feature bright displays, high quality enclosures, the latest microprocessors, and support nearly over 300 protocols. They complement any machine design and are available in sizes ranging from 4.3 inches to 15 inches.

Some of our most popular Maple Systems HMI products include:

  • Graphic HMI
  • Remote HMI
  • Graphic HMC
  • Open HMI
  • Alphanumeric OIT

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