iQ Web SCADA™ is designed to enhance your existing SCADA™ system or replace it. Utilizing a non-polling SCADA™ design, it puts the intelligence in the RTU. This initiates the conversation with the server and pushes data up or pulls down files and instructions. There are no firewall issues to deal with.

Power up iQ Web SCADA™, connect to a secure Internet site, download its configuration and start working – providing a true “plug and play” system. Similar to a PC, you can monitor processes running, memory usage and other information related to the health of each deployed device. Our management system provides a powerful backend for managing your enterprise. Tech support does not require a site visit to troubleshoot or make changes. After deployment, software changes can be made to the controller or a group of controllers by simply downloading a file from your browser.

iQ Web SCADA™ is a true historian. Your data is logged and time stamped only on change of state and sent up to the central server every five seconds to minimize network traffic. The platform is built to prevent data loss, so if the Internet connection is lost, the host alerts the user, and the RTU keeps logging data locally. When the connection is restored the data is backfilled to the host. iQ Web SCADA™ keeps multiple recipients fully informed on the status of all assets, eliminating the need to constantly monitor widely-distributed equipment or applications.

Benefits of iQ Web SCADA™

  • iQ Web SCADA™ runs independently until an alarm state or condition upset.
  • Securely views or changes current values and configurations.
  • Software allows data to be pushed to cloud upon change or on interval.
  • Commands can be written to field through manual operation of dashboard.
  • Automatically backfills data after restoration of communication loss.
  • Web management of data, alarms, uptime, firmware and software revisions with read/writes securely across the Internet.
  • Alarm emails and SMS text messages contain a hyperlink back to the device that is in alarm, allowing user to respond instantly.
  • System is infinitely scalable using multiple host sites and data is securely available anywhere in the world.
  • Provides a window into the health of the remote system for preventive maintenance.
  • Allows web access, data logging, and enhanced alarm notification for any Modbus enabled device.

LEC IIoT products:

  • iQ Web SCADA