Business Is Not Usual

By Mike Dorato


Hello and welcome to my first blog! The title of this blog is the exact reason why I am writing to you – the familiar way of selling and doing business has changed – nothing is usual anymore. The way I used to sell was simple – drop off a line card or literature to someone at the front desk of a prospective customer and in a few days, I’d call to follow up. They would take my call and the sales process would begin, but trying to get anyone new to call back just doesn’t happen anymore. I’ve discovered this is the new norm – controls and mechanical engineers are just too busy – or so I thought.

Rock Interface searched for a marketing partner to help us reach our customers within the new digital world and in walks a guy (with a ZZ Top beard no less) by the name of Pete Brand from MINDSCAPE. His story changed my way of looking at how any product or service is sold, period. Customers are not only too busy, but they are buying, researching, evaluating and making buying decisions of products and services on-line. MINDSCAPE is helping me understand our customer base and how to reach them. It’s all starting with our new Rock Interface website, creating fresh content through blogs, news and events – combined with an awesome digital campaign to follow. My hope when all is said and done, that Rock Interface customers have the on-line tools to go through our traditional sales process and then meet us in person or digitally here when they are ready.

I dedicate this first blog to Pete and his awesome crew of professionals at MINDSCAPE. I realize this is just beginning and look forward to a successful and profitable journey together. Any business owners in a similar situation as us, I would encourage and challenge you to reach out to MINDSCAPE and see how they can help you too.

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