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Seeing is believing. Watch the product demos below to see what some of our most popular products can do as a part of an automated control solution in your facility.

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Rock Interface

Rock Interface Line Card

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Red Lion Introducing Graphite: The Next Level of HMIs

Maple Systems Basic HMI Series Overview

Maple Systems Advanced HMI Series Overview

Maple Systems HMI Overview

Maple Systems EasyAccess 2.0 Overview

Maple Systems Smart HMI Series Overview

Panel Accessories

Red Lion Crimson 3 Software: PAX2A Dual Line Display -- Introduction


RRAMAC Connected Systems - The Path to Zero Downtime

Remote Site Communications

Secomea Remote Access Solution for Industrial Equipment

Secomea LogTunnel in 3 minutes

Partner Overview

CIMON Smart Factory Solution - Industrial Automation

Red Lion Pack Expo 2015

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