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Visual Management Products

Today, the way that people can and want to interact with industrial equipment has changed. It’s no longer enough for a machine operator to physically stand in front of the equipment and use a touchscreen to control basic functions. Operators want to control their machines remotely from tablets and smartphones.

It’s no longer enough for machines to store data on their individual operating systems. Now, machines must be connected to a network and information sent to a central location where plant managers can monitor operations and receive quick alerts to resolve maintenance issues.

That’s where plant visualization products (like large format monitors and remote monitoring applications) come in. They are an exciting and efficient way to connect and interact with equipment. Visual Management products are ideal for factory floors, processing plants or any place where machine performance needs to be tracked and monitored remotely.

We work with several industry leading manufacturers to provide you with the best visual management products on the market.

Visual Management Products


Maple Systems, Inc.
cMT (Control and Monitor)


Red Lion
ProducTVity Station, Large LED Displays

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