Cimon (XPanel)


Cimon of S/W and H/W technology new concept evolution of Windows CE-based SCADA & TOUCH Device

Outstandind Durability

  • Reliable operation in extreme conditions of industrial environment
  • (Operating temperature 0°C – 60°C)
  • Resistive touchscreen panel for durability and accuracy IP65 certified

State-of-the-art high definition display

  • 262,000 full color SVGA supported
  • High-resolution display (Max. 1024×768)

Multi-language support

Supports every language from around the world to be able to easily integrate the project anywhere in the world

Various Communication

  • Serial (RS232C, RS422/485) and Ethernet
  • USB port, SD card slot
  • Various I/O devices

Ultrafast CPU processor

Equipped with high-speed industrial CPU which has low-power consumption and low-temperature operation for complete performance and fancy graphic processing

Real-Time Data Logging

The reports can be saved as CSV files into the internal memory, SD card, or USB memory card, and it can be viewed in Microsoft Excel.

Screen Capture

Without connection to PC, XPanel can capture operating screen and save it as a bitmap.

Strong Securiy

  • 10 different security levels protect system.
  • Depending on security level, each level can have different authority to control objects.

User Friendly Software

  • Unlimited tag database
  • User friendly interface
  • More than 20,000 graphic library
  • Animation editor (more than 120 animation library)
  • Simulator for animation object supported
  • 24bit bitmap image supported

Red Lion

Red Lion’s G3 operator interface panels give you complete HMI functionality for PLCs, motor drives and other communications-capable devices. With Ethernet as standard on all G3 models, you can network-enable any serial devices connected to the panel. In addition to the full featured G3 series, Red Lion also offers economical G3 Kadet operator panels for less demanding applications, plus message centers, slave displays and large digit displays in a variety of configurations.

Maple Systems, Inc

A global manufacturer and distributor of operator interface products including panel mounted computers, graphic touchscreen HMIs, and text-based OITs.

Maple Systems is a quality-driven leader in the industrial operator interface marketplace. We have specialized in the design, manufacture and support of innovative human machine interfaces for over 28 years.

Our primary emphasis is towards providing operator interface solutions to the full range of industrial, OEM, and municipal applications. We take pride in providing superior sales training support, customer application assistance, and the software, hardware, and system design services required to apply our products successfully.



Interact Xpress Manager

InteractXpress(TM) is CTC”s new Distributed HMI solution, featuring an advanced development environment for easy reation of rich graphics and multimedia applications. Xpress revolutionizes Level 1 HMI by allowing you to run, view and edit applications in any Internet Explorer(TM) browser. This architecture is ideal for distributed applications where multiple HMI”s are deployed on a single machine or across several remote stations.

Interact Development Software

Interact is a  modular software package that can be customized to meet your HMI project’s particular needs. You can build your application by selecting from a complete family of application modules, ranging from control panel tools to historical  trending, machine configuration and networking. Interact’s modularity allows you to choose only the software pieces you need for your current application — modules can be added later to meet your future needs.