Red Lion

Power Supplies

DIN Rail Mount, AC to 24VDC, AC to 48VDC, 48VDC to 24VDC

Panel Meters

Voltage, current, temperature, process, strain gage. More ways to process indication and control. All process variables are scalable to the units you need. Choose from dedicated function models to intelligent solutions that can be enabled for setpoint alarms, communications and analog output with optional plug-in cards.

Dual Port Fast Ethernet Protector

Industrial Connectivity

A UPS claims to protect your computer from power line surges, but is it fully protected? Surges striking another Ethernet device can easily travel through network cabling to threaten your expensive computer, or worse – your irreplaceable data. If your network connects devices in different areas of your building, chances are multiple power systems supply your equipment. This means the potential for ground loops and other classic instrumentation faults is ever present. The solution is simple – install Sixnet’s inexpensive SP-ETH-2 surge suppressor on each Ethernet port.