Red Lion


Red Lion RTUs combine the functionality of a PLC, datalogger, industrial computer and communications gateway into an intelligent automation solution. These feature-rich Remote Terminal Units are also flexible, expandable, and designed for tough industrial environments. They are easily expanded with SIXNET’s “Process Quality I/O” . Red Lion offers a range of compatible RTUs from a few I/O points to thousands.


Red Lion offers a wide range of advanced dataloggers designed for capturing your important data in real-time, time-stamping it and saving it to battery-backed memory. Red Lion also provides the powerful software that makes it easy to transfer your data from your field installed dataloggers to your supervisory system. This includes client initiated transfers to a secure datalog server , redundant datalog transfers , and more. These feature-rich dataloggers are also flexible (with open-source Linux), expandable (up to thousands of I/O), and industrially ruggedized with certifications for harsh industrial

I/O Modules

Red Lion I/O modules offer the performance features of a high-end DCS in a compact and affordable, modular package. Our I/O modules let you flexibly cluster or distribute I/O to your best advantage.