Baumüller Motion Control


Baumüller is a leading manufacturer of intelligent drive and automation systems. Their top priority is reducing the total cost of machine ownership by increasing efficiency and productivity of the complete system, from the drive to the software.

We partner with Baumüller to distribute the following product lines:


Baumüller offers electronic controllers, controls and converters for the power range between 0.2 and 315 kW. You can select different cooling types, safety functions and power classes for your electronic devices.


Baumüller offers a variety of motors, ranging from 0.65 to 325 kW. Depending on your requirements, systems or mobile applications can be outfitted with linear motors, disc motors, dynamical three-phase AC motors, high torque motors or DC motors.

Some of our most popular Baumüller Motion Control products include:

  • Electronic Controllers
  • Controls and Converters
  • Linear Motors, Disc Motors
  • Dynamical Three-Phase AC Motors
  • High Torque Motors and DC Motors

We also repair and replacement of defect servo motors.