Rock Interface offers a variety of technical training courses to meet your specific training requirements. Our instructor-led courses provide you with hands-on experience, leaving you feeling confident to design and configure your own systems.

Our training methodology has been proven effective through thousands of hours of classroom instruction. The results from our student evaluations and subsequent follow-ups confirm our success. We have developed unique, step-by-step training that has proven highly effective and our curriculum is continually updated, enabling you to stay in step with rapidly changing technology.

Why use Rock Interface training?

Developers who attend training are more effective because they know more about the product.

You’ll complete your project in record time. With the knowledge gained in training, you will cut days or weeks from your schedule.

Maintenance is easier because you’ll have your own in-house experts.

Downtime will be reduced because installation and maintenance time will be reduced.

Contact Training Coordinator

To inquire about course offerings, register for a course or need directions, contact Rock Interface.

CitectSCADA Configuration Course

Gain insight into CitectSCADA project design and become familiar with configuration techniques. Learn about plant control, data collection, trending and reporting in this